Sixpac Manco Publications is an ongoing collection of books and monographs by architect, author and editor, Vincent R. Lee. Armed with an MFA in architecture from Princeton and following decades of drawing maps and house plans and climbing hundreds of summits as a part-time alpine mountain guide, in 1982 Vince embarked on yet another alternate career, in archaeological exploration.

Sixpac Manco I, his first expedition, took him to South America where he uncovered the forgotten remains of the Incas' final stronghold amongst the peaks and jungles of Vilcabamba, in the remote high Andes of Peru. In the years since numerous other trips (including Sixpac Manco XXIV at last count) have discovered, studied and documented the lost ruins of ancient New World civilizations from the American southwest, to Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. From the mysterious Chachapoyas "Cloud People" of northern Peru to the Inca metropolis at Espíritu Pampa, the "Plain of Ghosts" in the Amazonian rain forest, the many places he's worked, adventures encountered and lessons learned along the way are all recounted in the publications offered.

Prominent among these are accounts of Vince's many Vilcabamba expeditions over the years. They were done in partnership with the illustrious Cobos and Chavez families, long time residents and guides in the highland village of Huancacalle, a day's drive from Cuzco. Those with a yearning to follow Vince's exploits and see the marvelous sights of Vilcabamba for themselves will find clean friendly lodging at the Sixpac Manco Hospedaje near the trail head and top quality guides, gear and horses at

Publications by Vincent R. Lee currently available through Sixpac Manco Publications:

FORGOTTEN VILCABAMBA: Final Stronghold of the Incas by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
A modern-day scientific adventure, "Forgotten Vilcabamba" is an important addition to the annals of archaeological exploration in the high Andes of Peru by architect/explorer Vincent R. Lee describing lost Vilcabamba, the once-powerful Incas' mysterious redoubt in the jungles of the Upper Amazon.
515 pages · 48 color plates · 60 pages of maps and drawings plus a 65 page "Guide to Inca Vilcabamba" · soft cover
PUNCUYOC REVISITED: An Inca Marvel Decoded by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
"Incahuasi" is a near-perfectly preserved relic from the heyday of the Incas, perched astride a 13,000 ft. high gap in the Peruvian Andes. This is the story of the detective work that uncovered the Incas' reason for creating this architectural gem in wild and inhospitable surroundings in the remote Puncuyoc mountain range of Peru.
48 pages · 26 color photos · 4 maps · 21 plans and drawings · soft cover
Choquequirao to Machu Picchu at the Speed of Light by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
After many explorations in the Zona de Vilcabamba, this paper follows up on the single known reference in the Spanish Chronicles of the Inca Empire describing their system of visual signaling with smoke by day and fire by night.
31 pages · 20 color photos · 5 maps · 6 drawings · soft cover
A NEW BOX FOR CHACO by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
The Inka Empire of the Andes and the famous, but enigmatic, "Chaco Phenomenon" in the San Juan Basin of the Four Corners region of the American southwest have similar architectural and cultural footprints, despite separation by hundreds of years and thousands of miles. This book suggests the Inka example may provide useful clues as to the elusive workings of the Chacoan system.
22 pages · 7 maps · soft cover
INCA CHOQEK'IRAW: New Work at a Long Known Site by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
Choqek'iraw (sometimes spelled Choquequirao) is now recognized as one of Peru's finest and most interesting Inca ruins. Its elaborate "llama terraces" are unique in the Andes. This paper describes the site's discovery more than two centuries ago, its history and exploration in recent years, including the author's significant 1996 contibutions to the latter and an Appendix documenting the llama terraces and other impressive new discoveries by others.
41 pages · 18 color photos · 23 drawings · soft cover
DESIGN BY NUMBERS: Architectural Order Among the Incas by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
What tools and methods were available to the Incas to successfully design and construct their architectural works, without recourse to drawings or written numbers and instructions? Vincent Lee proposes an entirely new theory of the Inca design process, including an application of these ideas to the design of the Great Hall at Inkallaqta, one of the largest and most elaborate surviving Inca structures in the Andes.
75 pages · 57 pages of black & white photos, drawings and diagrams · soft cover
VIRA VIRA: A Chachapoyas Site by Keith Muscutt/Vincent Lee/Dr. Doug Sharon
by Keith Muscutt/Vincent Lee/Dr. Doug Sharon
Three papers by explorer Keith Muscutt, architect Vincent Lee, and former museum director Dr. Doug Sharon describe the discovery, history and exploration of Vira Vira, a previously undocumented mountaintop site in a largely unexplored region of northeastern Peru. The architecture and planning of Vira Vira and the significance of the Chachapoyan culture in the larger Andean context are discussed from these three points of view.
59 pages · 7 color photos · 14 pages of maps, plans and drawings · soft cover
by Vincent R. Lee
Explorations in the southeastern Andes Mountains of Bolivia resulted in these three papers: a detailed reconstruction of the Great Hall at Inkallajta; the search for and probable identification of the 'lost' fortress of Cuzco-tuyo, built by Topa Inca and later destroyed by Chiriguano forest cannibals; and an insightful explorer's tour of seven remote sites along the old Inca frontier.
101 pages · 20 photos · 39 pages of maps, plans and drawings · soft cover
CHANASUYU: The Ruins of Inca Vilcabamba by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
An in-depth survey of the neo-Inca state of Vilcabamba, detailing all that remains of the final stronghold from which the Incas defied Spanish authority for nearly 40 years after the Conquest. Descriptions of 350 kilometers of Inca roads and more than 500 individual structures provides a complete guide to the region for adventure travelers and interested archaeologists.
113 pages · 1 satellite image · 61 pages of maps and drawings, including 17 site reconstructions · soft cover
The Building of Sacsayhuaman and Other Papers by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
This collection of 4 papers by Vincent R. Lee covers a variety of topics of interest to anyone studying South American archaeology, Inca design and construction techniques, historical Spanish interaction with the Incas, and even includes a tongue-in-cheek piece of fiction for good measure.
98 pages · numerous photos, diagrams, maps, plans and drawings · soft cover
SIXPAC MANCO: Travels Among the INCAS by Vincent R. Lee
by Vincent R. Lee
Vincent Lee's first two expeditions to Peru; recounts his 1982 ascent of previously unclimbed Pico Icma Colla (the "widowed Queen") in the jungle above Espiritu Pampa (the "Plain of Ghosts"). In 1984 he returned to further explore the region and verify claims that the ruins at Espiritu Pampa are those of the Incas' legendary last capital, Vilcabamba the Old. These journeys gave rise to the author's ongoing career in Andean exploration and archaeology.
85 pages · 5 black & white photos · 1 satellite image · 11 fold-out maps & drawings · soft cover
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